US-Iran Relations In The Shadow of September 11

US-Iran Relations In The Shadow of September 11, contains the proceeding of the conference held in Washington D.C. The book provides analysis and insight by prominent experts, scholars and policy-makers on a range of topics pertaining to US-Iran relations.

The primary topics and their respective contributors include:

  • US-Iran Relations in the Shadow of September 11 - Hadi Nejad Hosseinian
  • Bridge Building: Unofficial Efforts in US-Iran Relations - Arlen Specter
  • Revolution and Evolution in Iran - Youssef Ibrahim
  • Current Concerns in the Middle East - Richard Murphy
  • US- Iran Relations: A Business Perspective - J. Michael Stinson
  • The Background of US-Iran Relations: Possibilities and Obstacles - Thomas Pickerring
  • Persian Carpets: Weaving a Bond Between the United States and Iran - Tom Atiyeh
  • US-Iran Relations: Bridging the Great Divide - Madeleine K. Albright