US-Iran Relations: Areas of Tension and Mutual Interest

US-Iran Relations: Areas of Tension and Mutual Interest, contains the proceeding of the conference organized by AIC at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The book provides analysis and insight by prominent experts, scholars and policy-makers on a range of topics pertaining to US-Iran relations.

The primary topics and their respective contributors include:

  • US Interests in Iran and US Iran Policy - Gary Sick
  • Islamic Movements, The Arab-Israeli Peace negotiations, and the Role of Regional Players - John Esposito
  • Terrorism, Human Rights, and the Media - Andrew Whitley
  • Arms Build-Up and Regional Military Balance - Shahram Chubin
  • US-Iran relations: A Washington Perspective - David D. Newsom
  • Political Stability in the Middle East and Central Asia - Henry J. Barkey
  • Economic Cooperation Impediments and Business Opportunities - Donald Alford Weadon, Jr.
  • The Role of non-Governmental Organizations - Richard T. Arndt
  • US-Iran Relations: Losses Under Spiral Conflict, Gains Under Cooperation - Richard Cottam