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Mr. Michael Shadman

Senior Director, U.S. Immigration Investment Center

Mr. Shadman is currently serving as a senior Director at the US Immigration Investment Center and is the principal of Shad Engineers, Inc. His expertise in and passion for renewable energy and green building technology will help bring an industry of the future behind the AIC’s mission to normalize US-Iran relations.

Mr. Shadman’s political feats have rivaled those of his business successes. With his wife Mahnaz Khazen, they served on the National Democratic Finance Committee for the 2012 Obama campaign, and on the election committee for Hooshang Amirahmadi’s 2013 campaign for the Iranian presidency.

Mr. Shadman was born in Iran and moved the U.S. to advance his education in 1978, He received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1986 and later, a Master of Science degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from San Jose State University in 1992.