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Mr. Pirooz Parvarandeh

Chief Technology Officer, Maxim Integrated

Mr. Parvarandeh is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Maxim Integrated, a $2.4 billion high-tech company. As the CTO, he promotes technical innovation and oversees Maxim Labs, which delivers fundamental breakthrough technology. Over the years Pirooz has been an industry leader in developing new technologies. In 2012 he joined the CTO Forum Advisory Board, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing industry's most important technical issues.

Beyond his career accomplishments, Mr. Parvarandeh and his wife Violet Parvarandeh have undertaken philanthropic work in support of Iranian students studying in the US who often face financial difficulty due to the sanctions. They have a serious humanitarian interest in the plight of emigrants in the US.

Mr. Parvarandeh holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from the California Institute of Technology.