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Ambassador Robert H. Pelletreau

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

The Hon. Robert H. Pelletreau served as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, February 1994-January 1997. Prior to that time, he served as U.S. Ambassador to Egypt (1991-1993), to Tunisia (1987-1991) and to Bahrain (1979-1980). His other assignments in the Foreign Service included Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco and Syria as well as senior positions in the Departments of State and Defense. While in Tunisia, Ambassador Pelletreau conducted the U.S. dialogue with the P.L.O. (1988-1990). As Ambassador to Egypt, he joined the U.S. delegation to the 1991 Madrid Middle East Peace Conference, and as Assistant Secretary he traveled frequently to the region as a member of Secretary Christopher's Middle East negotiating team. During this period, he also played a key role in the development and implementation of U.S. policies toward North Africa, the Levant, Egypt and the Gulf, including Iraq and Iran.