Emad Kiyaei discusses framework deal on Spanish Radio

Emad Kiyaei, AIC Executive Director, stressed that a framework deal was inevitable since all parties had invested so much political capital in the nuclear negotiations.

When asked what has kept all parties from reaching a final agreement, Kiyaei responded, "There are two major issues, the first is on the Iranian side. They seek to have sanctions relief following a deal and for this comprehensive sanctions lifting to occur, it requires a major deal of negotiations on how it will go about, the time-frame in which lifting of sanctions will occur and also the multi-layered sanctions regime being placed on Iran may be from the United Nations, Security Council, the EU and also the unilateral sanctions the US placed on Iran."

Kiyaei continued to add, "On the world power side, and the US negotiations with Iran, the major issues are the verification, monitoring and inspection of Iranian nuclear facilities to ensure that it is for peaceful purposes and they want to come up with an arrangement that would allow inspectors to have much more intrusive access to the nuclear facilities in Iran. At the moment this goes beyond whatever international arrangements are in place for the oversight of nuclear facilities. So, both sides are trying to figure out a middle ground where Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful and sanctions are lifted."