AIC Executive Director Emad Kiyaei discusses the nuclear agreement on PressTV

In this interview with PressTV, AIC Executive Director Emad Kiyaei discusses the recently completed nuclear deal with Iran and its implications for US-Iran relations, as well as the broader Middle East. When asked about the demonization of Iran by the United States, Kiyaei says, "Since the 1979 revolution in Iran, the propaganda against Iran has been quite heavy. When the American Iranian Council started 25 years ago, it was not fashionable to be in US-Iran rapprochement and many people threatened us on a daily basis because we were trying to bring a diplomatic resolution to the animosity between the two countries." He also points out that while some groups in the US benefit from portraying Iran in a negative light, more people-to-people interactions in the form of cultural and academic exchanges could help provide a more realistic image of Iran and shape how the US-Iran relationship develops.