Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz talks Iran Deal with Stephen Colbert

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz sits down with Stephen Colbert to discuss the Iran Deal and dispel common myths raised by opponents of the JCPOA.

Colbert began by questioning whether or not the deal will go through Congress and if there is anything the opposition can do to stop it at this point, to which Moniz said, "No. The deal is going through and I believe it will stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon." The conversation quickly shifted to the details of the verification process of nuclear sites devised by the Additional Protocol under the JCPOA.

When asked about the warnings that Iran may receive prior to any inspections, Moniz replied, "Currently, with every country in the world there are no time limits set for responding to IAEA inspection demands, so countries can just roll it out, except for Iran. Under this agreement, Iran has two weeks to respond to IAEA inspection warnings and if nothing is resolved during those 14 days, then the IAEA must inspect any suspicious sites within 10 days under the Additional Protocol."