AIC Chairman Johnston speaks with Mehr News Agency

The former US Senator in an interview with Mehr News Agency:  JCPOA unilateral violation would cause isolation of the United States of America / America's Congress will support JCPOA

Mehr News Agency, Department of International- javad heiran-nia:  "John Bennett Johnston," the former US Senator, and Chairman of American-Iranian Council, predicts the election results of America and said "I believe that Hillary Clinton will be elected as the next President of the United States of America. She is overwhelmingly favored at this time and she supports the JCPOA.  The Congress, I believe, will go along with her.  Therefore, I believe from the standpoint of the next administration, JCPOA will be saved."  Accordingly, from the perspective of the former Senator, the next government of America will maintain the JCPOA.

The Former Louisiana Senator said currently there is a group of "Tea Party" Republicans in the United States of America which opposes the JCPOA. "You will continue to hear criticism and obstruction from them." He added that in Iran there is also some opposition to the deal.

He expressly declared that Trump is in opposition to the JCPOA. He added, however, "even Trump would not take actions to violate JCPOA.  The former member of Congress noted: even if we assume that Trump violates JCPOA individually, the allies of Washington abroad will not support this action.