AIC Statement on the U.S. Election

The American Iranian Council congratulates Donald John Trump for winning the historic election and becoming the 45th President of the United States.

As a long-standing non-profit, non-partisan and educational organization, AIC has nearly three decades of experience working with administrations on both sides of the political aisle.  We are well-positioned and well-prepared to work with the new Trump Administration to achieve meaningful results towards improved understanding and better U.S.-Iran relations.  

The election of a new American president is always a crucial juncture in foreign relations.  AIC was established in 1990 just after President Bill Clinton took office, and our very first conference, U.S.-Iran Relations in the Clinton Administration, addressed some of the challenges ahead for the two countries, and offered AIC's recommendations moving forward.  In 2009, shortly after President Obama had taken office, Congressman Dennis Kucinich delivered AIC’s 2009 White Paper to the President. Many of the recommendations put forward in that White Paper were ultimately implemented.

In 2017, when President Donald Trump takes office, AIC will continue its tradition of thought leadership and of advising the new administration. We will deliver President Trump a White Paper with our policy prescriptions for building upon the JCPOA and for promoting increased dialogue and understanding between the two countries.  We will outline areas of common interest and of divergence between the United States and Iran, and map out recommendations for effective diplomatic, people-to-people, and business engagements between the two nations.

Furthermore, in the spirit of the election, which is a time for renewal and an opportunity to consider new ideas, AIC will also implement new initiatives that promote high-profile cultural diplomacy among the younger generations and academics, and will publish significant research on issues standing between Washington and Tehran in the hope of mitigating pervasive misperceptions and building goodwill among the two nations. More details on these initiatives will soon follow and, in the meantime, we look forward to input from you.

We end by noting again that the entire organization of AIC including our Board of Directors, Honorary Board Members, Advisory Council, and staff extend their congratulations to Donald Trump on his historic election. We also offer our full support to him in dealing with the challenges ahead, and wish him the best in serving the nation, world peace, international development, and global justice.


Senator J. Bennett Johnston, Chairman & Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi, President