Dr. Amirahmadi Speaks about Sanctions with TRT World

AIC's President, Dr. Amirahmadi, speaks about sanctions with TRTWorld.  

He explains that, "From the American side, almost ninety five percent of the American sanctions on Iran are still in place.  Americans only lifted sanctions related to nuclear programs on Iran.  So if you are a US entity, sanctions almost completely remain, except for certain areas where there are humanitarian issues, or if you are under license from the treasury department.  So, unfortunately from the US side, sanction relief remains very illusory, very little has happened."

Dr. Amirahmadi notes that because of these sanctions, which continue for banking and the use of US dollars; and, given the dollar's predominant position in international trade and finance, "Iran still continues to do many of its international transactions on barter terms or other currencies, as well as certain black market operations."

Watch the full video, including interview here.