Support US-Iran Relations and Receive a “Heart Iran" Pin

Dear Friend,

We are thrilled to announce that our Heart Iran pins have arrived!  

What is the Heart Iran pin?

In the wake of the Trump administration's travel ban, many people asked themselves what they could do to help. One such person is the talented graphic designer, Kristina Filler, who contacted AIC and offered to create a "Heart Iran" pin so that Americans could show their support for the Iranian people.

The design of the pin - fittingly about the size of a flag pin at 3/4" wide - was partially inspired by the social media hashtag #lovebeyondflags that has gained popularity among Americans and Iranians alike. The hashtag has been used to emphasize shared experiences, promote dialogue, and express hope for improved relations. 

How Can I Get One?

In 2017 all donors who contribute $25 or more to AIC will receive a Heart Iran pin.* As described on the card that accompanies it, we hope this beautiful accessory will encourage multicultural understanding, inspire meaningful discussion, and help distinguish the country of Iran from its government. 

Claim yours today and help support the noble cause of improved US-Iran relations by making a tax-deductible donation at

We hope many of you will wear this pin with pride and post pictures to social media with the hashtags #AIC and #LoveBeyondFlags. 

*If you have already donated in 2017, please email to request your free pin.