Dr. Amirahmadi Returns as President of AIC

Dear AIC Leaders, Administrators and Friends,

As you were informed in April, I took a leave from the AIC to work on my campaign for President of Iran this May.  I was successful in officially registering my candidacy with the Interior Ministry but did not receive approval from the Guardian Council to stand for the vote. I believe if I had been given that chance, I would have won the election. I take this opportunity to congratulate President Hassan Rouhani for winning a second term.

During my absence, Mr. Michael Caridi, my great friend and a Board Member of the Council, served as Acting President. Now that I am back, he wishes me to return to the job and I am accepting his kind request. I remain deeply appreciative of Michael’s hard and strategic work during my absence. This transition has the approval of our Chairman, Senator J. Bennett Johnston.

I must also express my deepest appreciation to Stephanie Lester, our Director of Operations, for running the Council with utmost care, effectiveness and efficiency; and for coordinating the work of many volunteers who are producing important contents for our AIC Digest, AIC Update and other publications. I am grateful to these young volunteers as well.

Finally, despite its many flaws, elections in Iran are the procedure that the Iranian people have chosen to further their democratic aspirations. Meanwhile, the country faces significant economic and foreign relations challenges that are direct threats to democratic change. The US government must be attentive to this fact and help Iranians to institutionalize an even freer and fairer election.

Best regards,
Hooshang Amirahmadi