Dr. Amirahmadi quoted in JNS article

Dr. Amirahmadi quoted in JNS article

Originally Published in JNS.org

By Alina Dain Sharon and Sean Savage

Speaking on the issue of releasing Iranian frozen assets, Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi, a professor of planning and public policy at New Jersey-based Rutgers University and a candidate in Iran’s 2013 presidential race, said that “most people misunderstand, or don’t want to acknowledge, that the [sanctions relief] money they are talking about is Iran’s money. This is not a gift. This is Iran’s money held in [foreign] banks.”

Another misunderstanding, Amirahmadi told JNS.org, is the concept “that there’s a check that tomorrow that will be returned to Iran for $100 or $150 billion to the Iranian government, and the Iranian government will take it, put in a bank account and start writing checks” to terror groups. In reality, he said, the money will be gradually released and allocated toward a budget.

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