Iran Digest: Week of July 24-31, 2015

Iran Digest: Week of July 24-31, 2015

Obama implores supporters to lobby Congress in favor of Iran nuclear deal

President Barack Obama appealed to his supporters to be more active and “get loud” in pushing Congress to approve the Iran nuclear deal, during a 20-minute conference call on Thursday.

Pushing back on critics, the president said he’s “absolutely convinced that this is a very good deal that we should be proud of.. this deal cuts off the 4 main pathways for Iran to get nuclear weapons… Iran under this agreement can never get a nuclear weapon.”

Obama called out the critics, “people who would be opposed to any deal with Iran.” He specifically targeted AIPAC, who has formed a tax-exempt lobbying group to oppose the nuclear agreement – “the 20 million dollars that’s being spent on on ads on TV” – putting them in same category with those “that were responsible for us getting into the Iraq war” reached last week with Iran. (Haaretz)

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