Industry Spotlight: Electronics, Computers, and E-Commerce

By Kriyana Reddy, Research Associate

Iran fosters a thriving domestic tech scene that hosts multi-million dollar companies like Café Bazaar and Aparat and appears ripe for further growth after sanctions relief from the JCPOA.  Around two-thirds of Iran’s population is under the age of 35, while 42% are under 24. In addition to a sizeable young, tech-savvy population, there are roughly 56 million Internet users in Iran, forming a substantial potential customer base for cutting-edge tech startups.

Iran’s e-commerce industry is just as impressive. The introduction of an accessible 3G networkat home has increased high-speed internet connectivity within the country, while numerous Iranian e-commerce firms have acquired new visibility in international markets. Bamilo, one of the two main Iranian e-commerce giants, has noted significant increase in investor interest since the enactment of the JCPOA. Such interest has helped many Iranian tech startups hit the ground running, as it is still illegal for many American-based tech giants (e.g. Amazon, Google) to invest in the country. Market shares for Iranian firms, such as Digikala—the Amazon of Iran—remain high; the company already has over 80 percent share of the online retail market even though it was started a mere nine years ago.

Below is information about an upcoming conference in Tehran, Iran, organized by M&T Solutions and sponsored by Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization and Iran’s International Exhibitions Company.



The 22nd International Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E – Commerce (ELECOMP)



Tehran International Permanent Fairground – Tehran, Iran



December 15–18, 2016


Additional Details:

ELECOMP debuted in 1995, when numerous tech firms in Iran introduced the latest in software and hardware developments on an international stage. More information on this year’s conference can be found at