Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

Iran’s hospitals are undergoing rapid development.  In 2012, the Ministry of Health and Medical Evaluation initiated an evaluation system for hospitals in Iran to bolster the quality of services provided. And, in 2014, the Iranian government announced a new program to extend health insurance coverage to all Iranians, in the fashion of “Obamacare” in the United States.  Under the new Tarh-e Salaamat health plan, the state pays for 90% of patients’ medical bills in hospitals. Thus, while Iranian hospitals do face challenges in structural support and resources, there are significant opportunities for growth in the country’s medical sector.

In January 2016, after sanctions relief came into effect, Italian firm BTP signed a deal to build five hospitals in Iran – three in Tehran, and one each in Rasht and Nishapur.  A few months earlier, the Italian deputy economic development minister led a large delegation of Italian firms – 178 companies, 12 banking groups, and 20 trade associations – to Tehran to explore commercial prospects.  It is hoped that this new wave of construction might rejuvenate commercial ties between the two countries; Italy was Iran’s largest trading partner before the imposition of sanctions.

Below is information about an upcoming conference in Tehran, Iran, organized by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and other consulting partners.


The 2nd International Exhibition of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation & Equipment (Iran HOSPITEX 2016)


Tehran International Permanent Fairground – Tehran, Iran


October 17-20, 2016

Additional Details:   

This four-day exhibition will connect visitors with a broad array of economic sectors related to the hospital sector, including healthcare management, specialized medical and technical design, and facilities infrastructure.

More information about the conference, including this year’s ground plan and a formal list of exhibitions, can be found here:

If you have an interest in attending, please reach out to for more details.


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