AIC's Emad Kiyaei responds to President Obama's press conference on Iran deal

AIC Executive Director Emad Kiyaei discusses with Al Jazeera America the press conference that President Obama held concerning the completed nuclear deal with Iran. When asked whether or not the deal will lead to greater US engagement with Iran, Kiyaei points out that the president seems to recognize that Iran has influence in the Middle East that might intersect with American interests. He says,  "President Obama had a very interesting word in his statement. He said that while this is very focused on the nuclear front, on the nuclear file, moving forward, there are many topics and areas of common interest and concern that US and Iran's not going to be resolved overnight. But he said Iran has to be [a] participant in these regional challenges, and by saying that, I have a sense that President Obama is indicating that this conversation that has been focused on the nuclear front will expand and include these other issues..."