On HuffPost Live, AIC's Emad Kiyaei discusses the impact of the nuclear deal on the Middle East

In this interview with HuffPost Live, AIC Executive Director Emad Kiyaei speaks about the regional implications of the recently completed nuclear deal with Iran. When asked about the alarmed reactions to the agreement from some countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Israel, Kiyaei says, "...The nuclear negotiations is just one part of a much bigger puzzle in terms of Iran's role not just in the region but also opening up to the international community. Yes, there is some concern from these countries...if there is a move towards US-Iran rapprochement or Iran opening up to the international community [it] will be at the expense of their strategic relationship with the United States." However, Kiyaei later points out that if Iran is kept "in the shadows and isolated" from the problems of the Middle East, there will not be a "comprehensive, sustainable resolution" to the conflicts within the region.